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About Us


The Lighthouse Group (founded in 1988) develops and conducts training seminars throughout North America and the Pacific Rim including the Leadership Skills Certificate Program, the Lighthouse for Leaders series, Humaneering Principles, and the Pirate Captain’s Guide workshops.
Lighthouse24 is the Publishing Services Division of the Lighthouse Group, and produces all the materials for the programs above. Our team is comprised of graphic design and media communication majors from a local technical institute, who intern under the direction of Dr. Doug Heatherly.
Doug Heatherly is the Managing Director of the Lighthouse Group. He is a business project consultant, author, and trainer/instructor with more than 20 years of publishing, supply chain, and print industry experience. His professional credentials include Adobe and Gartner Group certifications. He is a proud veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard.  


Lighthouse24 is also the screen name used by Doug Heatherly in a variety of on-line forums for small business owners and self-publishing authors.



The preparation and publication of training materials is our core business, but it is cyclical in nature - i.e., there are “slow” periods throughout the year during which we have expertise available to help you publish your book. Because our regular in-house projects cover our overhead expenses, we can provide you with personal attention and fast, professional services at a much lower cost than you’d receive with the “package” solutions offered by others.

Doug enjoys working with self-publishing authors (you probably know Lighthouse24’s reputation for assisting members of the CreateSpace Community and the Small Business On-line forums). We use CreateSpace and Lightning Source to print our in-house POD products, and Doug has worked with self-publishing authors in every genre (from professional books, how-to guides, and technical publications to novels, memoirs, YA fiction, and children’s books). Whatever your project, Lighthouse24 will keep your book on course and off the rocks.

We provide complete book design and layout services, but we are also happy to accept small “problem solving” and “finishing” jobs where you’ve done 90 percent of the work already, and simply need someone with Doug’s technical expertise and commercial print experience to help you complete the project for submission to a book printer.



A lot of our “competitors” don’t tell you who they really are or where they are located, because (obviously) it’s better for them if you don’t find out. Wouldn’t you prefer to know who you’re dealing with? Lighthouse24 is an active member of publishing industry trade associations, software user groups, and small business organizations. Our business mailing address is PO Box 1990, San Benito, Texas and our publishing services center is located near Palm Valley on US Business 83. We have a Dun & Bradsteet listing (DUNS number 045564099). We’re the “real deal” – an affordable, professional, and friendly business partner you can trust. We invite you to send an e-mail now and get to know us.

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Extensive efforts are made to provide information that is useful and accurate - however, change is a constant in the book industry, so no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of the content presented herein. Further, many of the guidelines offered are necessarily general in nature, so your specific self-publishing projects and experiences may vary.

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