Guiding Beacons
Guiding Beacons

Guiding Beacons are being added as time permits . . .

For the past four years, Lighthouse24 has been active in various on-line communities, offering tips for avoiding the “newbie mistakes” we’ve listed. Our goal is to collect and organize these contributions into a set of guiding beacons that will appear on these pages. The following beacons are available now:

Guiding Beacon #1 - A few simple “basics” of book publishing
Guiding Beacon #2 - What is means to “self-publish”
Guiding Beacon #3 - How to create a publishing plan
Guiding Beacon #4 - Understanding the world of book sales
Guiding Beacon #5 - How to formulate a marketing strategy
Guiding Beacon #6 - Avoiding unproductive sales channels
Guiding Beacon #7 - How to form a publishing company/imprint

(additional beacons will be coming soon)

Need answers NOW? Lighthouse24 continues to participate on the CreateSpace Community discussion board. You can search the threads there for help and guidance, or click “Start a discussion” to post a new question (be sure to mark it as a question - this encourages regular members to read and respond - and when you have received answers, take a moment to acknowledge the ones that were the most helpful or correct).

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You might also check out the Helpful Links page. Whenever we run across something on-line that we believe self-publishing authors will find helpful, we post it there. Of course, we’re available to discuss your project and offer one-to-one assistance, as well. Contact us.

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Extensive efforts are made to provide information that is useful and accurate - however, change is a constant in the book industry, so no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of the content presented herein. Further, many of the guidelines offered are necessarily general in nature, so your specific self-publishing projects and experiences may vary.

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